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The Catalan government is moving ahead with 2 other prison’s PPP; the total PPP projects is now up to 5. In Spain other regions should move to PPP and more than 11 prisons have been awarded or in process of awarding last 2 years.
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he government is still trying to find a solution that will match the operator’s expectations on the AENA privatization, including the Barcelona and Madrid airports.
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Some PPP could change hands in Spain after the last AXA operation which is a good example of this movement.
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The Port of Barcelona Authority is concessioning a 200 hectares area for managing up to 2 million containers a year for a 30 years period, more than doubling the Barcelona Port activity in the future. . The port extension will have more than 1500 meters of dock. The hard investment is done and the winner will have to invest another 300 million euros . Barcelona wants to increase its activity with Asia becoming a major hub in souther europe. It has adapted the tender documents to allow the managers of the 2 concessionnaires to bid independently of the initial context of the competency law that do not allow a concessionnaire to bid for another area. The adaptation done consist in allowing the managers of the concessions now in operation (130 hectares) to renounce to their concession as part of the offer. This renouncement is considered in price and gives also more points to the offer, converting a handicap to a competition advantage. Amainzingly, Hutchinson Wampoa that just teamed with one existant operator, was lucky with his choice. The tender was issued the 24th of december and are not available on the internet site of the Port Authority, but can be purchased in Spanish or Catalan. A shortest translation in English is available since mid january for the buyers of the documents.

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The Tunisian Government intends to select an Investor for the construction, ownership and operation of a petroleum Refinery with a minimum capacity of 120,000 barrels per day (Project). This refinery will be installed immediately next to the petroleum terminal at La Skhira in Tunisia. The Investor, who will be selected via a Call for Bid process, will arrange for all the project financing, conclude the contracts for construction of the refinery, supply the crude oil for refining and all other necessary contracts. The Investor shall build, own, operate and ensure the maintenance of the Refinery for an initial period of 30 years.

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The french government has announced the names of the winners for the bid of the highways privatization in France. APRR, Autoroutes Paris-Rhin-Rhone, will be sold to the Eiffage-Macquarie team for 6.8 billion euros (70.2% stake). Sanef, in the east of France, will be sold to Abertis the spanish leader, for 4 billion euros (75% stake). Then ASF, Autoroutes du Sud de la France, will be sold to Vinci, for 9 billion if it is successful in getting up to 100% of the company (today only 51%). With this operation the government is getting as much as 15 billion euros.

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28 Prisons Privatization Program for 13,200 places and 1.4 Billion Euros
This is the largest building program of prisons in Europe. The private sector will be involved in finance, design, building and operation of the non-custodial services under 30 years contracts. The prisons will be owned by the private and leased-back to the government, with transferring at the end of the contract of the property. Nearly all of the prisons will have an average capacity of 400-600. In France there are now 55,000 prisoners for 48,000 places. France already has 28 semi-private prisons with three main operators. Out of the 187 prisons in France, 109 have been constructed previously to 1920. Some of the major Prisons to be constructed under this privatization program are located in these cities: Lyon, Nice, Orléans, Rennes, Paris, Béziers, Lille, Dunkerque and Nancy.
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14 Airports concessioned and 14 other Airports interested in Full Concession in the Airport Privatization Program
The Airport Privatization Program in Italy is going forward. After the Rome Airport successful Privatization, certainly part of the great success of the McQuarie Infrastructure Airport Fund this past year, Italy is continuing this process even if the path of introduction of new players is still low. We can observe generally the constitution of private companies owned by local authorities rather than new companies operated and owned by private operators. The national legislators are still changing some parameters as the length of the concessions now stated at 40 years, but the Regions are now the main decisionnaires of the Privatization option. Major cities are in this process as: Bari, Brindisi, Foggia and Taranto (these 4 in the Puglia same Region), Firenze, Bologna, Pisa, Palermo, and Milano. There are a total of 42 airports in Italy, managed by 37 companies. At the moment only two are Privatizaed to Private Owners or Operators: Gesac at Napoli operated by BAA since 1997, the Rome Airport sold to McQuarie and Mediobanca, and the Torino Airport operated in concession by a consortium leaded by Benetton.
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Privatization of 31 hospitals launched under PPP scheme – 20 Billion Euros program estimated.
The top 10 hospitals will be privatized under PPP option in the next 4 years, the first one being Loures with a 800 million euros investment. These concessions are regulated under the decree 185/2002. The entire Privatization Program should be finished in 2014. The major hospitals under this privatization program are Loures, Cascais, Braga, Sintra, Algarve, Evora and Gaia. The major 10 have a total of 4500 beds, covering a population of 2.6 million inhabitants. The average by hospital is about 500 beds. At the moment only Portuguese groups are present in the bids as José Mellos.
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