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Strategic Information on Leading Markets and Leading Companies
for Privatization Leaders.

E-privatization is a free tool for City Managers, Utility Managers and Privatization Experts useful in the context of Bidding Processes of Privatizations, Concessions or Public Private Partnerships.

Additionaly to the Privatization Virtual Exposition, the site gives you a link to the Privatization Leaders Guide, a document that presents 12 sectors and 40 countries.

The e-privatization team has also developped an e-privatization Index, very useful for Privatization Analysts. This Index allows the publication of e-privatization Awards for each sector based on this index calculation.

Finally, the e-privatization team acts as Consulting in Privatization processes, giving support to local authorities or developping a retainer commitment for commercial and lobbying activities in order to support business development activities in some countries and sectors.


PRISONS IN SPAIN - PPP The Catalan government is moving ahead with 2 other prison’s PPP;

The government is still trying to find a solution ...

Some PPP could change hands in Spain after the last AXA operation which is a good example of this movement.

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The aim of e-privatization.com is to develop the concept of Privatization and the knowledge of the Actors and Trends. E-privatization.com intent is to provide an accurate information about Leading Companies without any intention of providing a Competitive Advantage to any of these companies.


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